• My Name is Amy Waco and this is my fifth year being on staff here at SSPP and first-year teaching 2nd grade.  Previously, I had the honor of starting the SSPP Preschool and worked to give it a solid foundation for 4 years.  It is an honor to now be teaching some of our very first preschoolers and even more, to be able to bring them through their first sacraments.

    I received my degree in elementary education from Northeastern Illinois University. Aside from teaching preschool earlier in my career, I also have experience teaching in a 3rd/4th/5th multiage classroom in Mundelein.  My family and I have been parishioners here at SSPP for 15 years.  It is a blessing to be teaching in a school/parish community that we adore and call home. We felt an instant connection with SSPP when our daughter began attending Kindergarten. From there, God continued to bless us as we gained an extended family through various church ministries. We are grateful for the supportive environment the SSPP community has provided over the years.

    My mission as a teacher is to provide a safe and loving environment that will foster each child's love for learning. In my classroom, students will gain motivation, inspiration, and encouragement in achieving their academic goals.  Most importantly, my students will be supported spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally through positive examples in a faith-filled environment.