• Classroom Procedures



    In order to provide your child and all students in my class with the comfortable learning environment they deserve, I will be using a "Ready to Learn" system for discipline.   

    If students choose to break a classroom rule they will be given a verbal warning. If the behavior continues they will be asked to write their name on "Think About It" or "Make Better Choices." Students who write their name  three times in one week will write an improvement plan with me, during recess that will require a parent signature and a next day return. A student who is required to write their name on "Parent Contact" will be asked to have a parent / teacher conference or be sent to the administration if necessary.

    It is my goal to make third graders aware of actions and consequences. I will spend as long as it takes defining classroom expectations and behavior. When I feel that students know what is expected I will begin the "Ready to Learn" system. This is a visual for myself and students. Working together I know that students will grow in self-discipline and responsibility for their actions.

    I love to recognize good behavior,quiet learning times and traveling in the hall. We will have a small classroom celebration such as a board game day or a movie for consistent good behavior. 


    Homework is an important part of third grade. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and occasionally on Friday.  Homework should not take longer than 30-40 minutes.  Students copy daily assignments into their assignment notebooks at the beginning of each day. We also review homework at the end of the day.  Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise specified. In an effort to build  responsibility in students, please do not drop off assignments left at home. If an assignment is late, a late assignment notice will be sent home for a parent signature. This must come back the next day with the completed assignment.  If the assignment and notice are not returned the student will use recess to complete the assignment and will be given a reminder for the signed notice. If there is an emergency circumstance keeping your child from completing homework please write a note, e-mail or call me and an extension will be granted. 


    Spelling Practice Tests are given every Wednesday. Students earning a 100% on the Practice Test will not be expected to take the test on Friday.  A Reading test for vocabulary and comprehension is given every Thursday and a Reading Test is given every Friday on a fresh read.  Math tests are given after each chapter. All other subjects have tests at the end of each chapter. Students are given a two day notice before tests. Study guides are completed in class for Science and Social Studies and if needed in other subjects. Reviewing the study guide and vocabulary in each subject is an excellent way to prepare for the test. As a form of parent-teacher communication tests must be signed and returned if the score is 75% or lower. Look for the sign and return stamp. 


    Grades are determined from many facets of students' work. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your child's progress. Our diocesan report card is issued quarterly. Grades are numerical and mid terms are sent out as needed. Please note that we start standardized testing in mid September.