• Homework/Test Policy


    Homework is assigned almost every day, with the exception of Fridays. All homework is due the following day, unless otherwise noted. Homework not turned in on time will be marked late, and will be lowered a grade. If the homework is two or more days late, no credit will be given for the assignment. If an emergency situation arises at home that prevents completion of an assignment, please notify me by e-mail or a note, and an extension will be given. D.O.G.is due every Friday.


    Study guides are provided two or three days before a test to help the students prepare.  Reviews are also conducted in class, but it is so important that the child also prepare at home. Test grades will be sent within a day or two of the test being taken. The actual test will not be sent home as school policy has changed. You will be notified by e-mail if any test grade is 75% or lower.

    Make-up Work

    A student has as many days to make up missed work as he/she was sick.