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  •  Fifth Grade Families,
    I just can't believe that we are headed into our sixth week of school.  We have worked together to get to this point and I say thank you!!  All students are set up in Google Classroom and we have a school subscription to the Chrome extension Kami.  Students have successfully downloaded it and used it.  Kami is a game changer for me.  It has made every PDF writable.  Students are still exploring all that it has to offer. 
    I have am using the program Happy Numbers to fill in math gaps.  It is an excellent resource for building a solid math foundation.  I just started it with the in class students and will have remote students up and running this week. 
    My goal this week is to encourage full effort in students' work.  I will remind them to check over before they turn in an assignment to make sure that everything is complete.  I will also return work for a "redo"if assignments have missing punctuation and capital letters.  I want students to feel pride in their work.  Your support is greatly appreciated.
    Thursday's school mass went really well.  We are seated all the way over by the baptismal font and everyone followed social distancing rules.  We pray three times a day.  I am touched by all of the heartfelt  intentions I hear.
    Religion - We Believe Chapter 3.  We will read and discuss the seven sacraments as signs of God's love for us.  This will include an art project depicting one of the sacraments of initiation.
    Reading - How has transportation changed our lives?  Our focus skill is Author's point of view.  We will work hard to determine a detail in a passage from a point of view.  We complete vocabulary exercises daily.  Writing will have us working on a persuasive piece. 
    Grammar - Identifying and fixing run on sentences.  A welcome relief from the clauses of last week.
    Spelling - Unit 1 week 5 / 25 words that have vowels and an r.  Our weekly test is on Thursday.
    Social Studies - We are finishing our unit on Native Americans.  Students are doing really well comparing and contrasting Tribes.  We will wrap it up with a unit test in the following week.  I will send home a study guide.
    Mrs. Bures's Math -  We have been working on prime factorization and this will lead us to single and double digit multiplication as the week continues.
    Science - Mrs. Bell is off and running with a mix of STEM and lessons in the book.
    Friday, September 25th -  Grades will be published in School Speak.
    Thank you for all that you do to help me.  May God bless you greatly this week.
    God's blessings,
    Julie Bures 
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