• Homework Policy

    Homework is typically due the next day.

    There is a penalty for assignments not turned in when due. During the first quarter, if an assignment is 1 day late, no penalty will be assessed. If the assignment is 2 days late, the assignment grade will be reduced by one full grade.

    Starting the second quarter, 1 day late will result in the assignment grade being reduced 1 full grade. If the assignment is 2 days late, the student will receive a zero and it will be marked as “missing” in the online grade book. Exceptions include illness or family emergencies.  In either case please contact me.

    Students will not be permitted to call home for homework assignments left at home and will have to accept the consequences in order to promote responsibility. Again, parents who find books/homework at home and deliver it to school cannot be assured that it will be turned in on time.

    Our current policy is no more than 50 minutes of homework Monday through Thursday.  I will do my best to balance this for students.