Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. O'Connor


My name is Morgan O’Connor and I am the 3-year-old Preschool Teacher with Daina Howland as the Teaching Assistant in the classroom. We are a team and are very much looking forward to having your child in our class.

I was a stay-at-home mom raising my two daughters for the past five years. As a mother myself, I know how it feels to send your children off to school. My number one goal is to provide a respectful learning environment where the children feel safe, secure, loved, and excited to learn and play.

 Before staying home with my children, I taught for 10 years, earned my Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Technology, and became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher. During the five years that I wasn’t officially teaching I spent much of my time at SSPP volunteering and substitute teaching. I am thrilled to be returning to the classroom and working in such a wonderful school!


Our Philosophy for Pre-K 3 Curriculum

Our preschool philosophy is that PLAY is the work of children.  We understand that all children learn at a different pace.  We will follow the children’s lead during play and other learning activities to be sure to respect their present level of development and build on their current knowledge.   We do not believe a 3-year-old should be expected to sit in one place for a lengthy period of time but we will work to increase their attention spans over the year. Our classroom environment will provide a variety of hands-on activities throughout our daily routine.  Our curriculum invites participation, builds a base of understanding, and challenges children’s thinking. Every week or two, a short newsletter will be sent through email explaining some of the activities we did throughout the week. SSPP school also communicates frequently through email so please check daily.

Learning how to interact with teachers, materials and one another is the foundation of our curriculum for 3-year-old preschool.  We strive to support students as they learn school rules, classroom procedures and routines. We will help them to solve problems between friends through patience and by using their words. Students will be able to see the power of a kind word and positive interactions. We encourage "green choices" which are positive behaviors and discourage "red choices" which are unwanted behaviors.  We redirect unwanted behaviors by distraction, asking the child how he/she should be acting, offering two choices, counting to three, or suggesting a break in our quiet zone.  If unwanted behaviors continue, the child will color a face red to help them understand they are making a red choice.  This red face will go home with a note for parents to help reinforce that the behavior is not allowed at school.