• Homework Policy

    Assignments are posted regularly on School Speak.  Please check daily after 2 pm as it is part of the daily communication from the class.  The assignments posted are based on the information given from the students as I try to post their assignments from other classes in subjects that everyone will be able to see. 

    Homework is due when we go over/collect it in class. 

    If you forget it at home, in another class, or locker, the assignment is late.  You may not call home to have your parents bring in your homework.

    This policy also applies to incomplete assignments. 

    You are responsible for completing the assignment(even if it is late) and turning it in, in the assigned tray by the windows.   

    When you turn in your assignment, please make sure that it has a proper heading, and it is labeled late.  

     **Assignments that are 1 day late will go down one letter grade from graded score.

    **After 2 days you will receive a grade no higher than a D-.

    If absent:

    If the office is informed, work will be collected and sent home with a sibling or friend.

    One day absent=one day  to make up.   If a student is absent and an assignment is due the day they were gone, it is expected they turn in that assignment when they return to school.  If an assessment if missed, they are expected to make it up with in a day or two of the absence.  


    The results of too many late assignments

    • It will directly affect your grade, potentially lowering your overall grade. Homework is to help you review the lesson taught in class, prepare for a quiz or a future test.   
    • If you have 3-5 late assignments you earn an 11, 12 on your report card for that quarter. This will keep you off of the effort honor roll.
    • If you have six or more late assignments you will earn an 11, 12 on your report card and a 1 for effort.  This means that will not be on the effort or academic honor roll for that quarter.
    • Late assignments will be graded and entered on-line as time allows me to catch up on late/missing/absent work.  Daily assignments that were turned in on time will be graded and entered first.  

    To help avoid late assignments

    • Use your assignment book.  
    • Write down your homework
    • Check School Speak  has the assignments on-line (this is only based on what the students tell me for assignments from their other classes/teachers and if technology cooperates).
    • Have at least one or two people to get in touch with in case you forgot the assignment.  Stay organized keep your homework in one spot. 
    • Use one folder for ALL homework assignments or anything that will need to be turned in to a teacher.