Developing a relationship with Christ is the cornerstone of our mission at SSPP. Our goal is to foster a deep and lasting faith in our students. We work to create future leaders of our Catholic Faith. At SSPP we believe all students are leaders, and this leadership extends into their faith.

We invite you as a family to join in this process by reflecting with your students about their faith life and opportunities at our school.

  • Students attend a religion class every day.
  • Students attend Mass weekly on Wednesdays, and parents are invited to celebrate with us.
  • SSPP has a new student chapel that opened in November 2023.
  • Students complete sacramental preparation at the school for First Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation.
  • Students plan liturgies with their classmates.
  • Teachers create a classroom environment in which prayer and our faith are woven into the school curriculum.
  • Students have weekly classroom household prayer, reflecting on the Gospel and sharing it in the community through thanks and petitions.
  • Students attend monthly adoration with praise and worship.