School Commission


The School Commission at SS. Peter & Paul School recognizes the ministry of education in the parish and is dedicated to the academic and spiritual welfare of each student as defined in the School Philosophy.


The function of the Commission is shared decision-making. The pastor, the principal, and the School Commission members determine the policies of the school which are formulated in response to the needs of the school. The policies of this Commission must be consistent with and supportive of the policies of the Bishop, the Diocese, and the McHenry Deanery.


There are nine selected lay members and two ongoing representatives from the Parish Staff (Pastor and Principal) on this Commission. Selected members serve for a term of three years. Members may serve more than one term, but must have a minimum of one year off the Commission before being selected again. Individuals who complete another member's term of office are not required to take one year off the Commission as long as the replacement term does not exceed one year. Members serve in the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, as well as a standing chairperson for finance, long range planning, marketing/development, a liaison to evangelization, property & grounds, Peter, Paul and Parents and  Sports, and a chair for special projects.


School Commission Members

  • President- Colin Gaffney (Kindergarten and 3rd Grade)
  • Vice President - John Halpin (4th and 7th Grade)
  • Secretary- Jorree Morris (1st Grade, 3rd Grade, and 6th Grade)
  • Treasurer- Cara Saliga (Preschool and 3rd Grade)
    Eric Edholm (4th Grade)
  • Michelle Gilbert (Kindergarten and 2nd Grade)
  • Mark Nadolski- (2nd Grade)
  • Warren Weaver (1st Grade and 5th Grade)
  • Pat McAvoy- (Preschool and 4th Grade)
  • Sam Rita- Alumni Liason
  • Nick Satterlee- Principal
  • Father Romke- Pastor